Prize payout will increase or decreaseAccording to paid entries

  • No unpaid birds will be shipped to any races
  • Any bird not activated will become property of Eastern America Pigeon Race
  • Vaccinations of PMV/Salmonella/ Paratyphoid on arrival
  • Entry fee $300 per bird due immediately after the 100 mile activation toss
  • 350 Miles payout FIRST DROP then clocking order 
  • Eastern America will keep 5% of prize Fund For race expenses
  • Must be 18 years of age to enter race
  • All 9th and 10th flights will be pulled
  • Loft management will make all final decisions 
  • If a natural Disaster occurs all activation money will be returned
  • Ship to:: Eastern America pigeon Race                                                        

                270 John Scott Road,  Pinnacle, NC 27043                                       Contact: Tim Holt (336) 710-4904
Live streaming Releases and clockings